[webkit-dev] WebKit2 owners help for GTK and WPE

Carlos Garcia Campos carlosgc at webkit.org
Mon Feb 4 00:54:13 PST 2019


this week we reach our feature/API freeze in both GTK+ and WPE release
schedules, and we have a few bug adding new features/API blocked on
WebKit2 owner approval for several weeks. We would appreciate if some
WebKit2 owner could take a look at the patches to review the cross-
platform changes. 

[GTK][WPE] Add content extensions support in WKTR and unskip layout tests

[WPE] Add API for webview background color configuration

[GTK][WPE] Need a function to convert internal URI to display ("pretty") URI

[GTK][WPE] Add web extensions API to whitelist access to a security origin


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