[webkit-dev] [jsc-dev] Proposal: Using LLInt Asm in major architectures even if JIT is disabled

Yusuke Suzuki yusukesuzuki at slowstart.org
Fri Sep 21 01:10:59 PDT 2018

Yeah, I'm not planning to enable LLInt ASM interpreter on 32bit
architectures since no buildbot exists for this configuration.
And we should make 32bit architectures JSVALUE64, so LLInt JSVALUE32_64
should be removed in the future.

On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 2:33 AM Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com>

> On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 12:02 PM, Filip Pizlo <fpizlo at apple.com> wrote:
> > - Enable cloop/JSVALUE64 to work on 32-bit.  I don’t think it does
> > right now, but that’s probably trivial to fix.
> > - Switch Darwin ports to that configuration for 32-bit.
> > - When changes land to support new features, make it mandatory to
> > support JSVALUE64 and optional to support JSVALUE32_64.  Such changes
> > should include whoever volunteers to maintain JSVALUE32_64 in CC.
> >
> > If you guys consider JSVALUE32_64 to be critical, then you can go
> > ahead and maintain it.  We’ll let JSVALUE32_64 stay in the tree so
> > long as someone is maintaining it.
> Yes that's fine with us. I think that's the previous agreement, anyway.
> :)
> Michael

Best regards,
Yusuke Suzuki
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