[webkit-dev] Experimental and (new) Internal feature flags

youenn fablet youennf at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 16:03:58 PDT 2018

> What about testing?
> ----
> You can turn both experimental and internal features on via headers in
> WebKitTestRunner. Use experimental:FeatureName or internal:FeatureName. For
> example...
> <!-- webkit-test-runner [
> experimental:WebAnimationsCSSIntegrationEnabled=true ] -->

It seems tedious to add such things to every test.
That would also mean we would need to remove these lines to every test when
we activate the flag by default or when we remove the flag.

As of WPT, modifying tests on the fly at import time is doable but it goes
against the idea of making WPT import/export simpler so I hope we can find
something better.

testharnessreport.js might help activating flags specifically for WPT.
Since an experimental feature flag should not remain off for a long time, a
per-experimental-feature file listing the tests to which activate the
feature could be considered.
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