[webkit-dev] Using compile_command.json in sources that go into Unified Sources

Cadu Bentzen cadubentzen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 16:03:17 PDT 2018

Hi WebKit developers,

Recently I started coding in WebKitGTK+ on Linux and I realized that source
files that are batch-compiled in UnifiedSources don't get an entry in
compile_commands.json, making it difficult to get flags for autocompletion,
"go-to definition" and conditional highlighting feature in IDEs.

Do you currently have a workaround for that?

In my local branch I wrote a script to "expand" compile_commands.json
entries of UnifiedSources into entries of the source files contained in

For example, if JavascriptScore/UnifiedSource2.cpp has

#include "API/JSBase.cpp"
#include "API/JSCTestRunnerUtils.cpp"
#include "API/JSCallbackConstructor.cpp"

The script replaces the entry
of UnifiedSource2.cpp by three entries (one for each source file) with the
same flags but replacing the "file" field with the path to those source

I included calling this script at the end of the build-webkit (under a
command line option) script. So far it has work for me, but I wonder if
this is the right approach or if you already solved that in another way.

Best regards,
Cadu Bentzen.
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