[webkit-dev] OWNERS policy

Don.Olmstead at sony.com Don.Olmstead at sony.com
Wed Feb 21 12:52:11 PST 2018

Hi WebKittens,

As you know we're working on getting WinCairo running on modern WebKit. We're working through a backlog of patches we have to upstream and are sometimes running into issues where we can't find reviewers for our code.

Here are some bugs with attachments that have been hanging out for over 5 days.


One thing we're unclear on is the OWNERS policy. The list itself is pretty small and has no guidance on who might be the right person(s) to assign a bug to when touching shared code. It feels like we're just guessing on reviewers which doesn't seem like it helps anything move along.

There also seem to be commits that were reviewed by non-owners that are touching common code. We're not sure if unfamiliarity with Windows might prevent some owners from looking over a patch as we move further along in our implementation.

Basically we'd like to get some clarification here so we can keep landing patches for modern WebKit on Windows.

Sony WebKit Team
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