[webkit-dev] Disabling the 32-bit JITs by default.

Guillaume Emont guijemont at igalia.com
Tue Feb 20 08:01:26 PST 2018

Quoting Filip Pizlo (2018-02-19 20:58:31)
> Would this be acceptable:
> - 32-bit JIT gets disabled on macOS, iOS, and our Windows port, so those JITs
> get no testing on those platforms.
> - code can stay in trunk so long as someone has a bot for it (we won’t).
> - someone will have to step up to maintain the 32-bit JITs - like MIPS and
> ARMv6, we won’t keep them building or working.
> How does that sound?

That sounds perfectly acceptable.

When possible, we would love a heads up (e.g. Cc me on bug) when you do
a change that you know is likely to break 32-bit, though we'll do our
best to keep an eye on what is happening anyway.

Thank you,


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