[webkit-dev] cant get libvpx repo here?

Enrique Ocaña González eocanha at igalia.com
Mon Apr 30 02:30:06 PDT 2018

El domingo, 29 de abril de 2018 15:36:43 (CEST) tugouxp escribió:

>   i am compiling the latest webkit on ubuntu18.04. when i follow the manul
> to do the steps: ./Tools/Scripts/update-webkitgtk-libs
> i meet the problem of cant get the libvpx package. such as follows.
> this problem cant be fixed because of gov policy, you know. so is there any
> other way to dealt with this problem? thanks for your kindly reply.
> git clone https://chromium.googlesource.com/webm/libvpx libvpx
> Cloning into 'libvpx'...
> fatal: unable to access 'https://chromium.googlesource.com/webm/libvpx/':
> Failed to connect to chromium.googlesource.com port 443: Connection timed
> out

In https://www.webmproject.org/code you can see a list of mirrors. In your 
case, I would try with https://github.com/webmproject/libvpx/

Edit Tools/gstreamer/jhbuild.modules near line 22 (<repository ... 
href="https://chromium.googlesource.com/webm/">) and change it to point to the 
github url.

If that still doesn't work and you don't find alternative ways to download the 
libvpx-1.7.0 library, maybe you can just disable vp8/vp9 support by getting 
rid of the vpx definitions in jhbuild.modules and then removing the <dep 
package="libvpx"/> dependency in the <autotools id="gst-plugins-good" ...> 


Enrique Ocaña González

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