[webkit-dev] Bring back ARMv6 support to JSC

Osztrogonác Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Tue Sep 5 07:38:09 PDT 2017


I expected exactly this proposal when Apple announced the 64-bit
only iOS 11 near 3 months ago. ( I should have bet. :) )

I can understand that 32-bit is only an unnecessary barrier
for you and you don't want to bear the maintenance cost of it
when there isn't a significant amount of contributors for
maintaining and active developing 32-bit backends.

Maybe it will be hard to say good bye to 32-bit architecutres
for many people, but please, it's 2017 now, the first ARMv8 SoC
is out 4 years ago, the first AMD64 CPU is out 14 years ago.


On 2017.09.05. 15:51, Filip Pizlo wrote:
> I think that JIT support on platforms that don’t get regular tuning doesn’t make sense. I think we should:
> - Remove JIT support for 32-bit platforms
> - Remove JIT support for Windows
> - Remove JSVALUE32_64
> - Use cloop In 64-bit mode on 32-bit platforms and Windows.
> I think this approach would be best for the project since it would mean less time spent on JIT ports that are never quite done.
> -Filip

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