[webkit-dev] Growing tired of long build times? Check out this awesome new way to speed up your build... soon (HINT: It's not buying a new computer)

Xabier Rodríguez Calvar calvaris at igalia.com
Mon Sep 4 01:45:32 PDT 2017


O Lun, 04-09-2017 ás 10:13 +0200, Xabier Rodríguez Calvar escribiu:
> I have another one. You can deploy IceCC distributed compilation and
> CCache. This will work only for people in offices as they those are
> the
> ones who can share the build time. If any of you comes from Cupertino
> to the Web Engines Hackfest, we can help with the set up here as we
> use
> it (at least me and some other folks at Igalia HQ) extensively.

Just to give you some more context, I just did a clean build of WPE
after having done one of WebKitGTK+ (which explains the preprocessed
cached of 5%) and the numbers are:

 Time: 19m:02s.
 CCache stats:
	13 direct hits (0%), 264 preprocessed hits (5%),
	5047 misses (95%), 5324 total.

This was a clean build without changing anything in the code:

 Time: 04m:16s.
 CCache stats:
	5269 direct hits (99%), 55 preprocessed hits (1%),
	0 misses (0%), 5324 total.

I can tell you that more than 50% for those four minutes were devoted
to CMake configuration and IDL generation. CCache + CMake + Ninja =
profit! and if you add IceCC to the equation for non cached builds in
an office environment, even better.

Best regards.

PS: I had even wrote a patch for build-webkit to show CCache stats if
present long time ago but it was rejected so I wrap my builds with a
run.pl script doing that.
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