[webkit-dev] WinCairo Update

Olmstead, Don Don.Olmstead at sony.com
Mon Nov 27 11:31:19 PST 2017

Hello WebKittens,

I wanted to give an update on the status of WinCairo to the group as we've hit a few good milestones.

WebKitForWindows Github organization

We went ahead and created a WebKitForWindows organization on Github at https://github.com/WebKitForWindows where we will be working out of. This has the WinCairoRequirements and tooling around building WinCairo. The hope is this makes things easier for third-parties building WinCairo.

We'll also be using it to experiment with a way to update ANGLE on a more regular cadence.

WinCairoRequirements is up to date

The previous incarnation of WinCairoRequirements run by Per Arne hadn't been updated in over a year and a half. Now all the requirements are up to date except for ICU. The thing holding us back from updating ICU to 60 is the dependency on CFLite. This is something we want to get rid of completely but have not exorcised the CF code from WebKitLegacy. After that we'll be doing the work to get ICU 60+ working on Windows.

WinCairoRequirements also got a few additions. We've added nghttp2 and have been compiling cURL with it to get support for HTTP2. The work to enable it will be ongoing. We've also added WebP and will be enabling that shortly.

Windows Docker images for development

Internally we've been big proponents of using Docker for our CI/CD workflows. With Windows gaining support for that we took a stab at creating Docker images for WebKit development.

We have images that contain all the tools for WebKit, Perl, Python, etc, and also Visual Studio 2017 build tools. You can build WinCairo completely in a Docker container for your own development using these images. It should also be able to build AppleWin.

Additionally we have images for Buildbots and EWS.

EWS is live!

As Aakash mentioned in a previous message WinCairo now has an EWS for release builds. Currently we have 5 bots running which seems to be successful thus far. Our bots are doing builds within Windows Docker containers so we can easily scale out further as needed.

We ask that you respect the EWS as much as possible when landing your patches. We made it a point to prioritize the work because there were a number of times when we would have to fix the build after our buildbots determined there was an error.

WebKit(2) development

Windows on WebKit(2) is still ongoing. We still have a lot of patches to land there. After we can build it we'll introduce a Buildbot and EWS for it to make sure things stay working.

Visual Studio 2017

All our bots and all our developers are using VS2017 so we are all for deprecating VS2015 whenever Apple's build structure is ready.

That's about it for now. If you have any questions or comments let us know.

Thank you for all the assistance in getting this far!

Sony's WebKit Team
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