[webkit-dev] Upstreaming from LayoutTests to web-platform-tests, coordinating Blink+WebKit

Philip Jägenstedt foolip at chromium.org
Wed Nov 15 02:02:34 PST 2017

Hello webkit-dev! (ecosystem-infra in Bcc)

TPAC was last week, and there was much talk about web-platform-tests. Some
notes are at
in particular https://www.w3.org/2017/11/07-testing-minutes.html.

In Blink, we're thinking seriously about what it'd take to upstream large
parts of LayoutTests into web-platform-tests, and we've realized that there
are some risks here, beyond just making sure the tests are good and per
spec. Specifically, one bad outcome would be if Blink successfully
upstreamed thousands of tests that are also in WebKit, which then begin to
diverge in small and large ways. That'd leave WebKit with more duplication
between its own tests and web-platform-tests than any other engine, and a
headache that grows over time.

So, I think this would require close cooperation with the WebKit project.
Some different ways this might happen:

   1. A Blink developer and WebKit developer work together at the same time
   to move their common tests in some area into web-platform-tests, each
   removing identical tests that were upstreamed by the other and
   consolidating what remains.
   2. A Blink developer works to first upstream tests from WebKit (using
   WebKit's coming export mechanism), waits for it to be imported into Blink,
   and then removes the tests from Blink.
   3. The reverse situation.

Are there already some areas where the first approach might be doable,
where the Blink and WebKit folks already know each other and are eager to
do this? Is LayoutTests/css3/flexbox/ by any chance such a case?

I realize it's hard to judge these approaches in the abstract, but am
curious to hear any enthusiasm or concerns about it.

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