[webkit-dev] User agent woes

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at igalia.com
Wed May 10 12:28:33 PDT 2017

I noticed a UI change on Google Maps today: Earth Mode (which 
previously indicated we were getting full-featured 3D functionality) 
has been replaced with Satellite Mode (which was previously the 
low-functionality 2D version). At first I was worried that we would 
need to find a new quirk to make 3D mode work, but Satellite Mode still 
has all 3D functions. So I tested to see what would happen with the 
user agent quirk removed, and it works just fine. Additionally, user 
agent quirks no longer seem to be necessary on Google Calendar.

Now, Google Maps breaks if we change "Linux x86_64" to "FreeBSD amd64". 
But I think we can avoid the need for quirks by just always sending 
"Linux x86_64" in the user agent. It's a bad idea to send an accurate 
platform string there anyway; we should send x86_64 if we want desktop 
websites and an ARM user agent if we want mobile websites, irrespective 
of what the underlying architecture actually is.

So this is awesome. Also a bit embarrassing, because it seems likely 
that these issues were fixed by Google before I even started this 
thread. Ah well. :)


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