[webkit-dev] Introduce WebKit Android port

장대웅 daewoong.jang at navercorp.com
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It is not just a code drop and I will continue maintain it. Actually, I’d like to code
together with anyone who is interested in it. I think WebKit is a really great project and
I hope Android port make WebKit more widely used and encourage Android developers to contribute.

I wrote Android port because it must be useful on Android platforms. Of course 
we have powerful Chromium on Android - but sometimes we need a cleaner and smaller 
renderer than a powerful one. I believe Android port can fit this need.

I think it would be great if Android port is able to join upstream. I would appreciate
if you let me know what is needed to upstream. Thank you for your feedback :)

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Is this just a code drop? Or will you be committing to its maintenance
and attempting to upstream it?

It's interesting regardless!


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