[webkit-dev] Introduce WebKit Android port

장대웅 daewoong.jang at navercorp.com
Sat Mar 11 16:20:53 PST 2017

I'd like to let you know: WebKit Android port is available. Please check repository on GitHub:
It is based on our web engine project and is totally different from the old Android port which had been packaged with AOSP.
The most important difference is that this new Android port adopts modern WebKit2 architecture. And it designed to be cross-platform itself so it can be built and run on other platforms(only for Windows, for now).
You can see more details on GitHub. It is still far from complete, but I'd like to let you know that it has begun. I hope this project will help the WebKit community to thrive. If you have any questions, send me on email: daewoong.jang at navercorp.com(Weekdays) daewoong44 at aol.com(Weekends and holidays).

NAVER WebKit Team
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