[webkit-dev] Intent to remove the WebCore::IconDatabase (GTK needs to make a decision)

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at igalia.com
Fri Jun 16 07:09:16 PDT 2017

On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 12:59 AM, Carlos Garcia Campos 
<carlosgc at webkit.org> wrote:
> Do we have any cache here? would we use the disk cache like with any
> other subresource?

Tangent: we currently have a bug where the mixed content warning is not 
issued if a favicon was downloaded in an insecure context, cached, and 
then displayed in a secure context. In practice this means you get a 
mixed content warning only the first time you visit a secure website 
with an insecure favicon, but never again subsequently, hiding the bug 
from website developers. That's bad!



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