[webkit-dev] Using "auto <function()> -> returnType" breaks prepare-ChangeLog

Brady Eidson beidson at apple.com
Thu Jul 27 23:06:03 PDT 2017

I just noticed this tonight. When a change is made to one of these functions, prepare-ChangeLog doesn't log the functions that changed.

I have a question and a request.


The functions in question where I noticed this:
auto WebURLSchemeTask::didComplete(const ResourceError& error) -> ExceptionType

Would normally be written as:
WebURLSchemeTask::ExceptionType WebURLSchemeTask::didComplete(const ResourceError& error)

Is there some actual value to using this syntax other than… being syntactically different, and being just a little shorter?


Until we fix prepare-ChangeLog, and unless there is some great advantage to this syntax that I'm not aware of… it's hold off on using it more.


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