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Chris Dumez cdumez at apple.com
Tue Jan 10 22:02:08 PST 2017

I usually like using auto / auto* as much as possible.

The one exception where I have found using auto confusing was for functions returning an std::optional. 

auto value = maximum();
if (!value)

I find that the check is confusing because it returns early if value is 0 in the case where maximum() returns an integer but checks if the value is set in the case the function returns an std::optional.

Chris Dumez

On Jan 10, 2017, at 9:51 PM, Darin Adler <darin at apple.com> wrote:

>> On Jan 10, 2017, at 9:49 PM, Darin Adler <darin at apple.com> wrote:
>>> On Jan 10, 2017, at 9:46 PM, Simon Fraser <simon.fraser at apple.com> wrote:
>>> auto countOfThing = getNumberOfThings();
>>> ASSERT(countOfThing >= 0);  // Can’t tell by reading whether the ASSERT is assured at compile time if countOfThing is unsigned
>> I understand wanting to know, but I am not certain this is a bad thing.
> Sorry, let me say something different, but related:
>    int countOfThing = getNumberOfThings();
> Can’t tell from the above code if getNumberOfThings() returns int or unsigned.
> — Darin
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