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Frédéric WANG fred.wang at free.fr
Fri Jan 6 03:25:46 PST 2017

Le 13/03/2016 à 20:57, Darin Adler a écrit :
> 1) To make MathML work really well, platforms need to include appropriate fonts. As you said, this is not a WebKit decision, but a decision made by platform owners. If we want to advise them about the importance of this, it would be good to draft something explaining how we, the WebKit project, see this requirement and give advice on what to do. Someone should write a draft of this recommendation so we can put it somewhere on webkit.org, and also so we can discuss and make sure we agree on this advice. I’d like to see this written in the form of a recommendation so we can see if this is really a practical request. To give one example, “please use STIX Math, but version 2 which is not out yet” isn’t a great recommendation.
Hi all,

Last year, I had written some description of math fonts for MathML
rendering [1]. I'm resurrecting this discussion since "STIX Two" was
released last December with a complete redesign of the text portion [2].
"STIX Two Math" is now usable by WebKit for MathML rendering and is
included in the default stylesheet after [3].

Among available options, "STIX Two Math" provides the best coverage for
unicode characters and stretchy math operators. Also, some users prefer
it over the more traditional Computer Modern style of LaTeX systems [4].
I believe it would greatly improve user experience if STIX Two was
pre-installed on WebKit platforms. And as discussed in the original
thread, this would also help for MathML testing on mac.

(FYI, there are some bug entries to upgrade the STIX package of Linux
distributions. I also just updated my macOS Sierra to 10.12.2 but the
bundled STIX fonts are still from the obsolete & deprecated STIXGeneral

[1] https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/MathML/Fonts
[2] http://www.stixfonts.org/
[3] https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=165676
[4] https://golem.ph.utexas.edu/~distler/blog/archives/002926.html#more

Frédéric Wang

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