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Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez clopez at igalia.com
Fri Feb 24 09:46:14 PST 2017

On 24/02/17 18:08, Alexey Proskuryakov wrote:
>> 24 февр. 2017 г., в 7:48, Antti Koivisto <koivisto at iki.fi
>> <mailto:koivisto at iki.fi>> написал(а):
>> Hi,
>> Looks like https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=168774 caused some
>> sort of SVN problem. Please hold commits until this is resolved.
> I deleted the remaining PDF file from resources, so svn checkout now
> works. There is almost certainly more cleanup that needs to be done - I
> can see that trac.webkit.org <http://trac.webkit.org> is broken. Please
> reply to the thread about what else you see not working.
> - Alexey
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Any svn mirror will be unable to sync beyond r212950 [1].

And I think we can seize that to fix this as follows:

 * Create a svn mirror of the webkit repository up to r212950
 * Replace the current repository with that mirror.

That would effectively reset the WebKit repository to r212950,
like if r212951/r212952 never happened.

Something like this would do the trick:

$ svnadmin create webkit-svn-clone
$ cd webkit-svn-clone/
$ echo '#!/bin/true' > hooks/pre-revprop-change
$ chmod +x hooks/pre-revprop-change
$ svnsync init file://$(pwd) https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/
# [...]
# This will sync up to r212950 that is precisely what we want (r212951 is the bad commit).
# [...]
# Copied properties for revision 212950.
# Transmitting file data ..svnsync: E200014: Checksum mismatch for resulting fulltext
# (/trunk/LayoutTests/http/tests/cache/disk-cache/resources/shattered-2.pdf):
#   expected:  5bd9d8cabc46041579a311230539b8d1
#     actual:  ee4aa52b139d925f8d8884402b0a750c

# Now remove the hook for pre-revpro-change
$ rm -f hooks/pre-revprop-change

And rename the old svn repository directory (to keep a copy of it just in case we
need to recover something that was overlooked here)

And put this new mirror as the official one.

Check if there is any hook on the old one that should be moved also to the new

Note: It will take a lot to sync, so to speed up it an idea is to sync the mirror on
the server where the repo is located, by using a file://var/svn/webkit uri or similar.

[1] https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=168774#c32

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