[webkit-dev] CSS Parse error in <link rel> element.

Atul Sowani sowani at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 01:03:07 PST 2017


I came across an issue in qtwebkit CSS parser while working on a PhantomJS
crash. The issue seems to be with parsing of <link rel="..." href="...">
type elements in an HTML page. What I observed is that the parser is trying
to interpret the value for href given inside double-quotes. The value
contains a "-" (e.g. "http://some.domain.com/some-page-etc-etc"). The "-"
sign is being interpreted as minus and then things go wrong. In another
case I found that "\g" embedded in the value (e.g. "
http://some.domain.com/some-page/global/something") is also creating
issues. In essence, the parser is trying to interpret the value, which I
believe, it should not.

I am willing to dive further into it to debug and fix the issue, but
looking at the complexity and size of WebCore, I think I would benefit a
lot to expedite a fix, if I could get some tips about which code
area/functionality I should specifically focus in the WebCore. Looking
forward to some help in this regard.

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