[webkit-dev] Hosting precompiled `jsc` binaries for Linux

Mathias Bynens mths at google.com
Tue Dec 12 01:34:10 PST 2017

On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 1:29 AM, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez
<clopez at igalia.com> wrote:
> The built products the WebKitGTK+ bots currently generate are being
> uploaded to a local server that was only reachable from the Igalia
> intranet [1]. I have just changed that, and the build products should
> be now accessible for everybody at:
> http://webkitgtk-release.igalia.com/built-products/
> (also available via https if you prefer)

I see that the file names have this format:


Ideally*, the file names would depend only on the revision, e.g.


*This is how it works for all other JavaScript engine downloads.

Would it be possible to change this, or do you have a need for the
build number in the file name for your purposes?

> Keep in mind that currently we delete the built products after 10 hours,
> so don't expect to find there more than the very last few builds.
> That is just enough time for the test bots to download and test them.
> We are happy on configuring a less aggressive purging of this files to
> keep them available for much longer. We can as well make this resource
> available from a more official domain (like webkit.org or webkitgtk.org)

It would be great to make such downloads available from webkit.org or
a similar domain! Keeping the downloads around for longer (ideally
permanently) sounds great, too.

> But before doing that I will like to know if this files will be useful
> for you in the end (or not). See below.
> If you download one of those build products and try to run it on your dev
> machine you are likely to have some problems with the shared libraries.
> The main issue is that these binaries are linked against a bunch of libraries
> that we build in an internal JHBuild, and will likely differ from the ones
> shipped by your distro.

Bundling the dependency *.so libraries with the binary in the archive
would be sufficient.

> To test it, you can download one of this zip files and try running:
> for JSC:
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)/lib bin/jsc

In case it helps: for this specific use case, I’m only interested in
JSC binaries (not WebKit).

Thanks for your work on this, Carlos!

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