[webkit-dev] Build issues due to anonymous namespace

Caio Lima ticaiolima at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 08:44:12 PST 2017

Hi guys. I'm working in a Patch that is adding some files to JSC and I
faced following issue:

./runtime/JSStringHeapCellType.cpp:36:8: error: redefinition of
In file included from
./runtime/JSSegmentedVariableObjectHeapCellType.cpp:36:8: note: previous
definition is here

That is my UnifiedSource109.cpp content:

#include "runtime/JSSegmentedVariableObjectHeapCellType.cpp"
#include "runtime/JSSet.cpp"
#include "runtime/JSSetIterator.cpp"
#include "runtime/JSSourceCode.cpp"
#include "runtime/JSString.cpp"
#include "runtime/JSStringHeapCellType.cpp"
#include "runtime/JSStringIterator.cpp"
#include "runtime/JSStringJoiner.cpp"

So, I tried to use "namespace FILENAME" magic, but it doesn't seem working,
mainly because there is no other file using it.

What are the actions do I need to take in such case to fix it properly?

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