[webkit-dev] Growing tired of long build times? Check out this awesome new way to speed up your build... soon (HINT: It's not buying a new computer)

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Tue Aug 29 08:10:01 PDT 2017

O Lun, 28-08-2017 ás 17:37 -0700, Keith Miller escribiu:
> Hello fellow Webkittens,
> Are you growing tired of long cat naps while waiting 45 minutes for
> WebKit to build? (I’ve definitely never done this 🤐!)
> Do you want WebKit to build up to 3-4x faster on a clean build?*
> Does seeing your incremental build… stay the same sound good?
> You’ll be purring with excitement after you switch to unified source
> builds!**


> Are there other issues that people think might occur with unified
> sources? Note, It’s also likely that there are some source files that
> need to be excluded from the unified source builds for various
> reasons.

I wonder whether the unified sources builds would still allow us to
keep using compiler caches like ccache.

Second question/caveat is, wouldn't the bundle build penalize too much
incremental builds? If your data is correct we would get a <20% build
time increment for a single change in a cpp file which is I think the
most common scenario for a WebKit developer.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about this change, just wanted
to make sure that it does not penalize too much other scenarios.


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