[webkit-dev] Looking to remove cygwin dependency for javascript tests for Windows ports

Szabo, Stephan (San Francisco) Stephan.Szabo at sony.com
Wed Aug 2 09:53:18 PDT 2017


As part of Sony's work on getting the jsconly build for Windows, we're also looking at the possibility of trying to remove/reduce the dependency on Cygwin for the javascript tests from run-javascript-tests since the build itself runs from a normal windows shell. Internally we did a very preliminary POC of a version of run-jsc-stress-tests for windows which built perl scripts for the test scripts rather than shell scripts and were able to get a bunch of the tests running. We attached that to https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=174985 . Obviously, that's not a reasonable version for inclusion, but we wanted to discuss whether there was support for removing the dependency before doing too much more down this path.

Our current thinking is that if we go forward with this, we'd probably step it as:
1. Move the test script and test runner code from run-jsc-stress-tests into a ruby file that is included from the main script
2. Make an option to allow using an alternate version of the above
3. Make an alternate version that didn't rely on shell


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