[webkit-dev] WebKitLegacy on iOS

Pavel Kapinos kapinos at twobytesoftware.com
Tue Apr 11 13:55:56 PDT 2017


I am sorry for bothering here. I posted first on webkit-help, but it seems nobody is there, so I hope somebody from developers may give me a clue. Thank you!

I git WebKit from webkit.org build it for device and embedded WebKitLegacy and WebCore into iOS app. Then loaded and run app on device no problem! App instantiates WebView and loads URL into it and it all works great - except I can't add that instance of WebView as subview to UIView as it is a WAKView apparently Did I miss something here or when compiling and building WebKit? I need WebView as opposed to UIWebView WKWebView, as WebView can give access to DOM through the standard DOM bindings. Thank you very much! 


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