[webkit-dev] exposing getUserMedia and RTCPeerConnection in Tech Preview?

Philipp Hancke fippo at appear.in
Wed Nov 30 05:40:35 PST 2016

It has been brought to my attention that apparently Safari Tech Preview
Release 18 (Safari 10.1, WebKit 12603.1.12) is exposing RTCPeerConnection
and navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia.

Since a check for
   navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia && window.RTCPeerConnection
and redirecting browsers that support neither is pretty common this is
rather unfortunate.

The getUserMedia implementation does not seems to work on one of the most
basic GUM samples at
I am actually not seeing GUM resolve or reject the promise at all.

And RTCPeerConnection did not work either in

What is the plan here?

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