[webkit-dev] Experimental features enabled at runtime

Dean Jackson dino at apple.com
Mon Nov 7 13:01:17 PST 2016

> On 6 Nov. 2016, at 10:03 am, Ryosuke Niwa <rniwa at webkit.org> wrote:
> I DO want to enable experimental features to be enabled in Safari Technology Preview and WebKit nightly builds by default because that's sort of the whole point of having those versions of Safari in the first place.

I might be the only one with this point of view (and it explains the confusion since I added the code), but "Experimental" means exactly that: it isn't ready to be enabled by default. If it can be enabled by default, it isn't experimental.

Safari Technology Preview is meant to be used as a full-time browser. It has to be stable. Yes, it has features that haven't yet shipped in main Safari, but they should not be dangerous. The idea of the Experimental Features is that developers can easily choose to enable them, just like they do on other browsers.

I don't understand why we'd pick a different behaviour than Chrome, Firefox, etc in this case. Developers understand this situation.


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