[webkit-dev] Event listeners of the same type in DOM Level 0 event handling,

jongdeok.kim jongdeok.kim at navercorp.com
Tue May 10 19:31:38 PDT 2016

Hi Everyone,
A web page that I'm testing with webkit, uses two event listeners about load event.
It registered those by assigning to window.onload and setting as an 'onload' attribute of body element.
On webkit, last registered one replaces previous one, in this case 'onload' attribute wins.
I checked other browsers, but only chrome permits two listeners on same event type.
I googled and found out that it's DOM Level 0 event handling.
And I'm wondering this is a webkit bug when using a mix of traditional model and inline model (as referred to below), or implementor dependent.
<script type="text/javascript"> 
function load() {
window.onload = function () { // traditional model
<body onload="load()"> <!-- inline model -->
Thanks in advance.
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