[webkit-dev] JSCOnly port

Yusuke SUZUKI utatane.tea at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 05:44:51 PST 2016

+1. Looks nice to me :)
Now, B3 is working on Linux, we can drop LLVM dependencies while enabling
aggressive JIT compilers (enabling LLInt, Baseline, DFG, FTL_B3).
So, only the dependent library for JSCOnly port is ICU, that is desireble.

Yusuke Suzuki

On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 10:41 PM, Konstantin Tokarev <annulen at yandex.ru>

> Hello,
> Following the discussion in "Thought about Nix JavaScriptCore port", I'm
> proposing patch [1] that adds new port named "JSCOnly". It is based on
> patch proposed by Yusuke Suzuki in [2], where you can also find
> justification.
> As the name suggests, this port builds only JSC library and executable,
> and has no external dependencies besides ICU. This port can be easily
> enhanced to support building on Windows, therefore it's no longer called
> "Nix".
> If this patch is accepted I would like to set up build slave for
> Linux/MIPS using this port.
> [1] https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=154512
> [2]
> https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-dev/2015-November/027785.html
> --
> Regards,
> Konstantin
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