[webkit-dev] [cmake] Proposal: Move commonly used platform-dependent files in WebCore to .cmake include files.

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Tue Feb 9 10:23:53 PST 2016

Hello WebKit,

Currently there is a number of files in WebCore that a shared between 2 or more ports (but not all of them). Here are a few examples:

* texmap, gstreamer, openwebrtc, soup, stuff in platform/linux - shared between GTK and Efl
* cairo, image-decoders - shared between GTK, Efl, and WinCairo

I propose to move code related to these subsystems from Platform*.cmake files to separate CMake files included into those, like this:


Alternatively, this code could be moved into main CMakeLists.txt of WebCore, however I believe this approach is inferior since it will add unnecessary clutter to CMakeLists.txt while not all ports need this code.

What do you think? If no objections, I'm going to submit patches implementing 4 files listed above.

Proposals on better file placement/naming would be highly welcome.


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