[webkit-dev] WebKit GObject bindings: Who is guiding their future?

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Tue Aug 30 09:52:56 PDT 2016

Thanks for the frank discussion, guys.

I do think we may be able to make the GObject bindings better and better over time even if they are hand written rather than generated. I understand that you want to keep them vital and up to date in a way that the Apple folks are not planning to do for the Objective-C bindings. Given the goal to have them be stable even while adding new capabilities with new ones, I hope it will be practical to make them great without using automatic generation.

I also think it’s worth further discussion with some of the folks at Apple who also want to make sure we have great API for use inside injected bundles. We might come up with some idea that is excellent both for Cocoa and GTK.

Can we plan how to do the transition off of automatic generation now, or is there anyone else we should consult?

— Darin

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