[webkit-dev] WebKit GObject bindings: Who is guiding their future?

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at igalia.com
Tue Aug 30 04:10:37 PDT 2016

I'm OK with freezing the bindings. I'm disappointed in that these are a
killer feature for us and they'll never get improved now, but
generating them seems to be causing too many problems that we cannot
easily solve.

On Tue, 2016-08-30 at 08:54 +0200, Carlos Garcia Campos wrote:
> haha, no, of course I'm not, but I'm not Ok with the WebKit2 rules
> either and I just live with that :-) Anyway, I think freezing the
> GObject API is harmless and it's better for everybody.

The difference is that the GObject bindings are a seriously difficult
issue for Apple that materially slows down their development (or at
least appears to me to do so). It's impressive how much extra effort
Apple devs (hi Chris) have spent trying to keep our bindings building
(thanks!), but I don't think it's reasonable to expect them to do so.
As much as we appreciate it, really nobody should be spending an
afternoon uploading speculative patches to try to please our bindings
generator. Anyway, if we freeze the API, this becomes a moot point.

WebKit2 is totally different. When WebKit2 breaks (which has
fortunately become much rarer nowadays than it used to be) it's usually
something very very easy to fix -- a function gains an extra parameter
or a pointer becomes a reference or something -- and it just feels
borderline spiteful to not spend five minutes with 'git grep' to avoid
breaking us. It's not as if WebKit2 is somehow less important to us
than WebCore....


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