[webkit-dev] Wincairo webviews occassionally never finish loading with loadHTMLString

Isaac Devine isaac at devinesystems.co.nz
Thu Aug 4 15:59:55 PDT 2016


I have an application which embeds the wincairo port of webkit.

It has a hidden webview used for server communication.

It also has webviews attached to standard Winapi windows, containing the
user interface.

These are loaded with the loadData method, like so (error checking omitted):

IWebFrame* frame;

BSTR html;
BSTR aboutBlank; /* about:blank */

// populate BSTR

frame->loadHTMLString(html, aboutBlank);

Most of the time this will finish loading and display the content.
However sometimes it doesn't and no content is displayed.

I have added logging to my IWebFrameLoadDelegate implementation and it
stops after the following are called:

If I close the window, which closes the webview, I will a
didFailWithLoading with an error code  of -999

Has anyone seen this before, or can you provide me any pointers?

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