[webkit-dev] Are there any plans to upgrade SVN server on svn.webkit.org?

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Wed Apr 27 05:13:06 PDT 2016


According to [1], currently svn.webkit.org runs severely outdated Subversion 1.6.11. Since then, there were 3 significant releases of Subversion, which brought lots of performance improvements, most importantly brand new HTTP protocol [3] and storage format improvements [4]. Also, since 1.7 Apache 2.4 with MPM event is supported, which may increase server throughput.

BTW, to improve performance of up to date Subversion client (>= 1.8), it is needed to adjust Apache configuration[5]: increase MaxKeepAliveRequests from default 100 to at least 1000. This needs to be done regardless of Subversion server upgrade.

[1] http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/
[2] https://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.7.html
[3] https://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.7.html#httpv2
[4] https://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.8.html#fsfs-enhancements
[5] https://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.8.html#neon-deleted


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