[webkit-dev] DumpRenderTree objects not getting inserted in window object

ankit srivastav ank.cpp at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 05:11:25 PDT 2016

We are using webkit as one of our module i.e. building webkit with our own
Migrated from revision 164362 to 187486.
In revision 164362 DumpRenderTree test cases were working fine.
Now we have used Cmake build tool to build our system.
Modified the build files and compiled the webkit.

But now windows.testRunner and window.eventSender object is not working.

Debugged the code , found that JS API is being used to inject testRunner
and eventSender object in window object.
JSObject.h putDirect () function is getting called correctly.

Can some one provide any idea what has been changed internally?
Any pointers are welcome.

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