[webkit-dev] <link rel=preload>

Yoav Weiss yoav at yoav.ws
Wed Nov 11 06:11:01 PST 2015


I'm interested in adding support for <link rel=preload>
<https://w3c.github.io/preload/> and the corresponding "Link:" headers and
wanted to gauge interest for supporting the feature.

The preload relationship provides a declarative fetch primitive that
enables developers to initiate a resource fetch and separate fetching from
resource execution. As such, preload is a low-level primitive that enables
applications to build custom resource loading and execution behaviors
without hiding resources from the user agent and incurring delayed resource
fetching penalties.

Use cases include:
* Early fetch of lately discovered critical resources - Sites that contain
critical resources that aren't discoverable by the preload scanner (e.g.
fonts, JS loaded scripts and styles, etc) can use the feature to download
these critical resources early
* Separation of download and execution in a declarative, non-hacky way.

All in all, it would enable Web sites to significantly improve loading
performance in various common scenarios.

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