[webkit-dev] Crash on xLarge memory allocation using bmalloc on 32bit systems

Mario Sanchez Prada mario at webkit.org
Fri Jul 3 02:32:36 PDT 2015

On 02/07/15 12:11, Mario Sanchez Prada wrote:
> [...]
> If you check my last comments in there, you will see that I found out that
> passing -fno-tree-sra to gcc while compiling would reliably prevent the
> crash from happening, both in my use case and when using the URL above.
> Does anyone here have any idea why this could be the case? Any hint?
> While passing -fno-tree-sra could be an interesting temporary workaround
> (specially if constrained in scope to bmalloc only) for downstream, it does
> feel like papering over the real issue, which could still be there in WK.

FWIW, I've tried reducing the scope of this flag to bmalloc but the crash
was still there. However, passing it instead for WebCore only did "fix" the
situation, so perhaps the problem is not strictly related to bmalloc, but to
something else in the graphics subsystem?

I could also be a bug on GCC, though.


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