[webkit-dev] Unused parameter warnings / errors / warning fixes

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Mon Jan 26 09:28:01 PST 2015

I have found serious bugs in WebKit with unused parameter warnings; I found some when first turning on the warning. I don’t have a specific story to tell, but I remember there was more than one case.

So far it’s been impractical to turn on this warning for our Objective-C code, since we can’t simply omit argument names, and that’s why it’s not on in the Mac versions of those frameworks.

And I do agree that it can be inconvenient to deal with these warnings in heavily #ifdef’d code. I think there are some good strategies for avoiding that, and I’d like to talk about specific irritating cases so I can propose the strategy I’d push for. Generally the strategy is to push more configuration specifics to the edges rather than spreading them through multiple functions.

— Darin

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