[webkit-dev] TestWebKitAPI and CMake

Alex Christensen achristensen at apple.com
Fri Aug 7 16:59:09 PDT 2015

Right now, the Mac and Windows ports have TestWebKitAPI built as a single executable.  Tools/TestWebKitAPI/CMakeLists.txt currently creates many executables to test things in groups.  I want to make the Windows port build everything with CMake at the beginning of next week, but I’m not sure how to proceed and build TestWebKitAPI.  I see 3 options:

1) Change the GTK and EFL ports to build and run one TestWebKitAPI executable.
2) Change the Windows and maybe eventually Mac ports to build many TestWebKitAPI executables (TestWTF, TestJavaScriptCore, etc.).  It would be easiest for me if this were done after removing the Visual Studio build system.
3) Maintain different CMake builds of TestWebKitAPI building one or many executables.  This would probably be the least invasive option.

I consider each option to have about equal merit, but I think I need input from the GTK and EFL maintainers before proceeding.  Either way, there would be slight differences between the ports because of things like WebKit2 not existing on Windows right now, so I suggest the third option.


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