[webkit-dev] Apologies this is off topic

D.J. Barrow barrow_dj at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 13:33:49 PDT 2014

If anybody is interested in Carpool websites since google valued Uber at 17 billion dollars
I have a carpool website open sourced at
Aria Software Ireland Ltd. - GPL Contributions Kernel, Driver, VHDL & Compiler Development.  
View on www.ariasoft.ie Preview by Yahoo  

Also if interested in artificial intelligence have a look at fundamental my god inspired masterpeice.

Sorry again for bothering you.
D.J. Barrow Linux kernel developer
email: dj_barrow at ariasoft.ie
Mobile Ireland: +353-86-1715438
www.travelsmart.ie, everyones favourite carpool website, works beautifully on the apple iphone
www.warehog.com, & you thought ebay was good
www.ariasoft.ie, See my GPL contributions
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