[webkit-dev] Using OfflineAsm

Mark Lam mark.lam at apple.com
Fri Sep 5 16:14:18 PDT 2014

> On Sep 5, 2014, at 4:05 PM, Mark Lam <mark.lam at apple.com> wrote:
>> 4)      Should I actually expect a performance increase compared to the “C LOOP”?
> Yes.  The ASM LLINT should be faster than the C LOOP LLINT.

To clarify, the C LOOP LLINT emulated a CPU’s behavior using emitted C instructions.  As a result, it incurs a performance penalty that is under 10% (vs the ASM LLINT) if I remember correctly.  So, the perf gain you’ll get comes from recuperating the losses due to the C loop being a CPU emulator.  You should not expect to see any of the more substantive gains that come from the JITs.


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