[webkit-dev] EWS statistics at dashboard metrics page

Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Fri Oct 10 17:01:32 PDT 2014


There is now a section at build.webkit.org/dashboard/metrics.html with statistics for EWS, style queue and commit queue. I hope that it will be useful for making the queues faster.

Presenting this information in a useful way was tricky, as an interactive nature of EWS makes it challenging to collapse everything down to a single number. So I went to another extreme, trying to explain various groups of results in detail. Hopefully, this will help demystify EWS logic a little bit.

The above screenshot is for October 7th, when we had Windows EWS broken, so it could only produce some results a couple days later. Mac WK2 EWS shows that the majority of patches were processed as quickly as the current hardware allows them to, and there was usually no backlog.

This page relies on some data that we only started storing on the server this week, so historical results are not available.

- Alexey

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