[webkit-dev] help: HTML5 video Overlay with accelerated composition

T andolsi thouraya.andolsi at gmail.com
Fri May 30 02:50:23 PDT 2014


 >1. Are you using WebKit QT, or something else?
Yes I'm using QT5.

 >2. Can you provide an example showing what you are trying to do?

We are playing video in the video plan and clearing the hole in the
graphics frame to make video visible.

Without accelerated compositing, video is visible at right position.

But when enabling the accelerated compositing, the video is not visible.
and If I disable the graphics plane, I can see that video positioned
and scaled as requested by the layout engine.

How to make the surface on top of videobox to be translucent , so that the
video is visible?


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