[webkit-dev] Adding ENABLE_OPENTYPE_MATH to WebCore

Frédéric WANG fred.wang at free.fr
Fri Mar 21 09:53:35 PDT 2014

Hi webkit-dev,

As mentioned in a previous thread 
I'm currently implementing the OpenType MATH table in WebKit (and Gecko) 
in order to improve the MathML rendering. This table is an extension of 
the TeX's layout rules (appendix G of the TeXBook) and was designed for 
the math support in Microsoft Word. Support for the MATH table has been 
implemented in modern TeX engines such as LuaTeX or XeTeX. The table can 
be edited with fontforge and is available in various math fonts. 
Finally, it is currently undergoing standardization in the MPEG group.

This support will be behind the ENABLE_OPENTYPE_MATH feature define. See:


"The MATH table and OpenType Features for Math Processing" (Microsoft's 
document, not public yet ; ask me if you want to get a copy)

Frédéric Wang
MathML Crowdfunding: ulule.com/mathematics-ebooks

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