[webkit-dev] DerivedSources.make: Another try?

Eric Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 14:50:32 PDT 2014

> IMHO it's sad to see a step away from CMake platform abstraction, but if
> it's vitale for the project I can life with it too. Since the code is still
> in the SVN history, there should be no big problem in getting back to it
> once again.

So I just want to step in and give a huge "thank you" for everybody
that helped put the CMake build system together. The CMake build
system was invaluable in porting JavaScriptCore to Android. As
outsiders, JavaScriptCore is very complicated to get building; there
were two teams before me that had to create build systems for other
platforms and they didn't use CMake and the efforts were long and
difficult (and expensive). Working with the Android NDK is quite
terrible so everybody was prepared for the worst, but I had already
done some work on the Android/CMake cross-compiler toolchain and in
the end, Android was brought up in the smallest amount time with a
team of just me.

As a data point, I want to agree that going outside CMake is a
disappointing idea. One challenge I had was all the dependencies on
external tools like Perl, Python, Ruby (which go outside CMake). Since
I need to cross-compile for Android, these things that go outside
CMake and they really have no knowledge of the cross-compile situation
so this is one area that involved work/difficulty for me.

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