[webkit-dev] DerivedSources.make: Another try?

Osztrogonác Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Mon Mar 17 08:44:28 PDT 2014


as for me, I always support changes to reduce maintenace burden. I
remember that derivedsources caused problems many times in the past.
Adding a new non trivial source generator to each build system can
be a really hard task, and keeping them in sync weren't succesful

Now I don't see how can we make cmake to use DerivedSources.make
properly, but let's investigate it a little bit. I think the
easiest thing is to make cmake to call "make DerivedSources.make",
but propagating the generated files back to cmake to be able
generate correct dependency for sources includes generated
headers might be not so easy.

I filed a meta bug, feel free to cc yourself if you intereseted in it:
[meta] Make cmake build system use DerivedSources.make

In my opinion WebKit2/DerivedSources.make is the simplest, JSC is
complex a little bit and WebCore is the biggest and most complex.

I'm going to experiment a little bit with WebKit2
and let's continue this discussion few days later.


Darin Adler írta:
> Hi folks.
> Long ago I tried to make the "derived sources" part of building WebKit use a makefile, something for gnu make that we could use on multiple platforms. In WebCore, at least, we are using this DerivedSources.make from the Xcode project and the Windows project, but not for other build systems. I was hoping we could change that so that everyone uses DerivedSources.make. The build systems would do the main job of compiling code and header dependency and all that, but for the trickier, more project-specific job of running our scripts to make various types of derived sources we could just share one makefile.
> With GTK moving from automake to CMake, it's possible we have the opportunity to achieve this just by making the CMake build system use DerivedSources.make instead of rules inside CMake itself.
> Is there an expert on our use of CMake who is interested in trying this project?
> Side question: With the recent GTK port developments, is it time to remove our automake files entirely?
> --- Darin

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