[webkit-dev] WebCore GPU module

Michael IV explomaster at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 01:07:27 PDT 2014

Hi All.I have been investigating into WebKit text rendering details and I
found Loop-Blinn implementation in GPU directory of WebCore.I have tested
it and it kind of works ok for convex shapes rendering which probably
should be ok for text glyphs outline as well.
But I have got a couple of question regarding this module:
1)Is it used by the browsers to render text or 2d shapes?
2)Is it actually ready for real-life usage?
3)How anti  aliasing is handled?I mean ,I found that only curves are
anti-aliased(internally by the shader) but the straight line outlines need
proper MSAA which can be pretty expensive or even unavailable  on some

Also I found a bug: when drawing a path with two overlapping convex shapes
,the hole created on the overlap region which is aliased.
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