[webkit-dev] CDMi interface for EME?

Jer Noble jer.noble at apple.com
Tue Jun 10 08:39:29 PDT 2014

> On Jun 9, 2014, at 3:56 PM, Brendan Long <self at brendanlong.com> wrote:
> I'm looking into EME and something I've been asked to investigate is Microsoft's proposed CDMi interface, and if we could use it in WebKit. The idea is that we would expose a few common interfaces (see page 12 of the PDF at that link), like "Cdm_MediaKeys(wchar_t *keySystem)" constructor, "createSession(wchar_t* type, const unsigned char *initData, const unsigned char *AppData)" to create a CDM session, etc. The advantage of this would be that we could create CDMs for each platform and then re-use them in multiple browsers.
> Is there any interest in this in WebKit? I'm starting to look through the code to see how it could be done (presumably implement CDMPrivate / CDMPrivateInterface to use CDMs matching this interface), but I figured I'd go to the source and see if anyone has looked into doing this before.

I haven’t seen this document before, but after a brief look it seems that implementing a new CDMPrivate and CDMSession would be the best way to add support for this CDMi interface.

It does look like the CDMi module implements a lot of the platform-independant parts of the EME spec (whereas CDMPrivate and CDMSession are the platform-specific parts), so there may be some redundant logic.  And we may need to expose some new methods from CDMSession -> MediaKeySession, e.g. to change the MediaKeySession’s readyState.  Apart from that, this looks doable.


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