[webkit-dev] Regarding exposing function using webkit idl

Van Den Berghe, Vincent Vincent.VanDenBerghe at bvdinfo.com
Thu Jan 30 22:58:25 PST 2014


I did have the same requirements and ended up with something like this:

    HRESULT ExportSinglePageToCairoSurface([in]int left, [in]int top, [in] int width, [in]int height,[in] LPVOID cr);

There are a number of constraints using a void pointer: among others, you need to specify that the interface using it is local, since remoting void pointers is a no-no.


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I am trying to expose one function in webkit idl ,which is taking void pointer as an argument. But When I am exposing, I am facing the errorerror: invalid use of 'void'  in WebkitDomtest.h file. I think its parsing error. Kindly please suggest a way to expose this type of function in webkit idl . Please do the needful.

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