[webkit-dev] Infinite scrolling feature exploration

Edward O'Connor eoconnor at apple.com
Tue Jan 28 16:18:43 PST 2014


Adam wrote:

> Over in Blink-land, we're also quite interested in infinite scrolling.

Great! It's an increasingly common pattern that could use some help from
the engine.

> We've been experimenting with how you might be able to achieve infinite
> scrolling using existing web platform API.

Cool. I agree with the general principle, but I want to ensure Web
authors don't have to roll their own scrolling engine with transforms
and rAF just to do interesting things like non-janky infinite scrolling.
I think this will require some additions to the platform, but hopefully
we can keep the Web-exposed changes minimal.

> Do you have a doc that describes the approach you're investigating?

I'm in the middle of writing up an email for www-style with our thought
process and what we've looked at; stay tuned.


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